• Hair loss in childrenHair loss in children can be devastating. Studies have shown a significant psychological effect to children suffering hair loss for various medical reasons. In one study from Indonesia, just over half of the children surveyed with hair loss reported bullying in school and almost half did not go to school because of their hair loss. Similar studies from other countries show equal psychological impact to hair loss.

    Fortunately, non-profit groups like Children with Hair Loss, are working to help children with hair loss. The program supplies human hair wigs free of charge to children with medically related hair loss. Several Michigan schools were recently recognized for their donations to Children with Hair Loss.

    Pediatric Hair Loss Causes

    Hair loss in children is rarely due to androgrenic alopecia. In children with hair loss, evaluation of the cause is necessary. Common causes of pediatric hair loss include effects of chemotherapy treatments for cancer, metabolic syndromes, psychiatric conditions like trichotillomania, and infections. Fortunately, most of the causes of pediatric hair loss are reversible.

    If your child suffers from hair loss, first of all visit with your pediatrician or a dermatologist for further evaluation. Blood tests or biopsies may be necessary to determine the exact cause of the loss. Even if treatment is successful, just like any hair loss treatment, results can take 6-12 months.