• Minoxidil for hair lossIs minodixil for hair loss more expensive for women than for men? According to a study published in JAMA Dermatology and referenced in a Time Magazine article, it is. Researchers looked at the price for both the generic and brand name Minoxidil (Rogaine). For Rogaine foam, the newest and most popular variety, the bottle marketed to women was on average 40% more expensive than the one marketed to men. The products were the same size and same concentration. When it came to the generic variety, minoxidil, which is only a liquid, the cost for the women’s and men’s formulations were close to the same. Unfortunately no explanation could be given for the price difference.

    Take Home Points Minoxidil for Hair Loss

    So let’s consider the science. Bottom line, women can use 5% men’s liquid or foam without a problem – find the cheapest variety. Let’s also look at a few bullet points of minoxidil for hair loss.

    • While minoxidil is marketed to help only the crown of the scalp, it can help anywhere.
    • When starting minoxidil for hair loss, it is important to use it for at least one hair growth cycle (4-6 months) before determining its efficacy.
    • Efficacy should be determined by seeing a stopping or slowing of the progression of hair loss. While some hair may regrow, this is not always expected.
    • If you like the result, you will have to use minoxidil for as long as you like your hair.
    • If you stop using minoxidil, there will be a catch up period where you will see additional loss to a point that you would have been before using the treatment.
    • While minoxidil is approved for use twice a day, there is at least one scientific study to suggest at least once per day dosing is effective.
    • Use of minoxidil with other non-surgical treatments can maximize the chance of hair maintenance.
    • Even with a hair transplant, minoxidil may be necessary to slow or stop the progression of native hair loss.