• Reverse Gray Hair? Really?

    Reverse gray hairIs reversing gray hair possible? Rivertown Therapeutics thinks so. The New York based startup is about to begin clinical trials on a topical medication that it says will not only treat androgenic alopecia in both men and women but also reverse gray hair. Co-founder Dr. David Weinstein developed the current topical compound RT1640 in response to his own hair loss. He combined three drugs, cyclosporin, minoxidil, and a new molecule he created to cause hair regrowth.

    His proprietary molecule RT175, causes the migration of stem cells. Part of the process of androgenic alopecia is to prevent the migration of stem cells to the base of follicles. When the stem cells don’t migrate, hair follicles remain dormant. The company claims that the safety of RT175 has already been proven in over 600 patients in FDA clinical trials. The company plans to initiate clinical trials for hair loss in the near future.

    Anecdotal human data suggests that use of RT1640 as a twice daily topical medication results in hair regrowth in as little as 14 weeks. Because of the stem cell migration, the hair also seems to grow with its younger color. Full scale FDA clinical trials will be necessary before it will be available. 

    Of greater interest is the company’s pipeline. The company has compounds with animal data in treating skin wounds, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and cardiac injury. The last medication introduced for hair loss was almost 30 years ago. It is time for more non-surgical options in hair loss. Like current options, multiple treatments are likely necessary to obtain optimal results.

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